Political Calling Services for Your Campaign

Every campaign season, whether you're on the state or local level, you want to make your voice heard. Every candidate needs as much outreach as possible, and Oasis Marketing Solutions can help.

Our Political Calling Services

Political calling is more than letting people know you're running for office. Let us help with our diverse political calling services:

  • Voter ID: You want to know who your voters are. A voter ID call will identify voters who are for or against you — and even voters who are undecided.
  • GOTV patch calls: Also known as "Get the Vote Out" calls, these calls ask voters to commit to go to the polls and vote. This final push to get voters out to the polls is key to a successful campaign.
  • Persuasion calls: When you've identified undecided voters, a persuasion call will help these voters understand your strengths and where you stand on political issues.
  • Advocacy calls: An advocacy call helps voters understand specific issues and then helps them know what they can do.
  • Donation and fundraising calls: Campaigns exist on the generosity of voters. A donation or fundraising call can help provide monetary donations for your campaign.
  • Tele-Town calls: Are you holding a political event? A Tele-Town call will help voters know about the event and can even transfer them to a live event where they can leave questions.

Whatever type of political call you want, our political calling company can help.

Our Political Calling Company

Oasis Marketing Solutions is well-versed in political calls. We strive to provide you with the most far-reaching and successful political phone campaign within the regulations of your area. We also can provide advice on what type of political calls would be most beneficial to your campaign.

Ready to launch your political campaign? Call us today at (877) 340-0187 to get started.